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About to give up?


Are you facing overwhelming situations, trials or hardships? Do you feel like you can't go on?

Well there is hope for you my friend and hope does not disappoint. You are not alone and it does get better, it really does.

Here is what Paul had to say concerning severe trials: "Brothers and sisters, you need to know about the severe trials we experienced while we were in western Turkey. All the hardships we passed through crushed us beyond our ability to endure, and we were so completely overwhelmed that we were about to give up entirely. It felt like we had a death sentence written upon our hearts, and we still feel it to this day. It has taught us to lose all faith in ourselves and to place all of our trust in the God who raises the dead" (2 Corinth 1:8-9).

We are not told exactly what Paul went through causing him to write these words, and I'm glad that we don't know exactly what took place because we can insert our own scenarios in order to relate to this statement.

I don't know what you might be going through and honestly I don't need to know, but what I truly know is God knows, He sees you and He cares.

I like the fact that Paul highlights some lessons from this experience - first of all to lose faith in ourselves and secondly to put all of our trust in the God who raises the dead.

This lets me and you know that there is a lesson in every trial, if we are to reflect on all the times we thought we were not going to make it but we somehow made it, we will realise that we learnt a thing or two from those experiences. Most importantly God was right there with us, upholding us with His victorious right hand even though it didn't feel or look like it. Our God is Emmanuel - God with us, He is the fourth man in the fire, He will never leave nor forsake us.

So, take courage my friend, this too shall pass and God will get All the glory.

I pray that the God of All strength will continue to strengthen you and may His will in your life be established in Jesus name. Amen

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